Google is getting ready to unleash a bunch of new gadgets including the Pixel 4 on Tuesday — here's everything to expect (GOOG)


Google Pixel 3

  • Google is holding an event on October 15, where it’s expected to reveal its new Pixel 4 smartphone, a new Chromebook, and other gadgets.
  • The Pixel 4 will likely be the biggest announcement of the showcase, despite the fact that its design and features have leaked and Google has already shared some details about the device.
  • The event also comes just after rivals like Apple, Amazon, and Google have debuted new products as the holiday season approaches.
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Google’s annual developer conference may be its biggest event of the year, but the company usually holds its major hardware announcements for the fall.

At this year’s event, which takes place on October 15, we’re expecting to get a better look at Google’s much-leaked Pixel 4 phone as well as other anticipated products, such as a new Pixelbook Chromebook and more Nest devices.

The event comes on the heels of new product launches from Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple — all of which have announced new gadgets ahead of the holiday season that pose a challenge to what we’re expecting from Google. 

Here’s a look at the biggest announcements the Mountain View, California-based tech giant is expected to make on Tuesday. 

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Google’s next flagship smartphone, the Pixel 4

The biggest announcement of the day will likely be the formal unveiling of the Pixel 4, which has leaked repeatedly leading up to Google’s event. The search giant has also already revealed some tidbits about the Pixel 4, such as what it will look like and some of the features it will include.

Here’s a look at some of the details we’ve learned about the Pixel 4 so far:

  • It will have advanced motion-sensing technology powered by the company’s radar technology, Google revealed in July. Such technology would make it possible to skip to the next song or answer phone calls just by waving your hand.
  • The phone will also have a square cutout on its rear for the camera sensors, similar to Apple’s new iPhones, but will have a dual-lens camera, as a photo posted by Google revealed.
  • The camera will be able to achieve a zoom of up to 8x, according to a leak that surfaced on the Chinese social media site Weibo spotted by XDA Developers.
  • Its screen will have a 90Hz refresh rate, which should make scrolling and screen animations feel smoother, according to 9to5Google.
  • It won’t have a fingerprint sensor on the back like the Pixel 3, as Google’s images revealed.

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A lighter new Chromebook called the Pixelbook Go

Google also has a new Pixelbook in the works, which it plans to unveil during Tuesday’s event, according to 9to5Google.

The laptop will have a 13.3-inch 4K screen, a lighter body made of magnesium alloy, and a textured ribbed back, as 9to5Google has reported. It will also reportedly come in configurations ranging from Intel’s Core m3, i5, and i7 processors, and will have more powerful speakers than the Pixelbook. 

New Pixel Buds wireless earbuds

Google may finally announce a successor to the Pixel Buds it released in 2017, which received largely negative reviews two years ago.

The company is set to announce a new pair of earbuds soon, according to 9to5Google, although the report didn’t mention any details.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Google take another stab at wireless headphones, especially now that every major tech firm from Amazon to Samsung and Microsoft has done so.

Google’s current Pixel Buds, however, are connected by a cable which means they aren’t truly wireless like Apple’s AirPods and recent offerings from other tech giants. If Google does launch a new pair of earbuds, there’s a good chance they’ll be totally wire-free in order to keep up with the competition. 

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More Nest smart home devices

Google debuted the $230 Nest Hub Max earlier this year, but it sounds like there’s more Nest-branded devices to come. 

Google is planning to debut a new mesh Wi-Fi router and a refreshed version of its Google Home Mini, according to 9to5Google. Both devices will fall under the Nest umbrella since Google officially rebranded its smart home products as such in May.

The Nest Wi-Fi system will include beacons to be placed throughout the house that also function as Google Assistant speakers, reports 9to5Google. The new miniature speaker will offer improved sound quality, a 3.5mm stereo jack, and a wall mount for hanging the device in the home, as 9to5Google has reported.

The reveal would come after Amazon just unveiled eight Echo products at the end of September, including a new Echo Dot that doubles as a bedside clock, a new Echo Show with a larger 8-inch display, and the Echo Studio — a larger Echo that includes five speakers that can adapt playback to best fit the room it’s currently in.