Meet the 12 VC-vetted fintech startups generating buzz at the Money20/20 conference in Amsterdam


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  • Business Insider is at the Money20/20 conference of startups and early stage fintechs in Amsterdam.
  • A panel of expert VCs picked out the most interesting early stage companies for the event’s “startup academy.”
  • Here are some of the names to look out for at the event. 

Money20/20, a fintech and payments conference which holds its European leg in Amsterdam, is showcasing startups from around the continent to help accelerate their growth. 

With a panel of VC judges, the event hand picked Europe’s top startups and is giving each “unrivalled exposure to financial leaders and some of the most forward-thinking investors on the continent,” the organizers said on the Money20/20 website.

Included in the judging panel are VCs including Rob Moffat, partner at Balderton Capital; Ben Brabyn, head of Level39; Reshma Sohoni, founding partner at Seedcamp; and Michael Treskow, partner at Eight Roads Ventures.

Other judges include Samantha Ghiotti, partner at Anthemis Group; Amy Neale, the global lead for Mastercard’s ‘Start Path’ startup engagement program; Sonali de Rycker, partner at Accel; and Jan Hammer, partner at Index Ventures. 

Across payments, investment, mortgages, and even the environment, here are 12 companies to look out for at Money20/20.

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Climate Chain

Amsterdam-based Climate Chain is a novel solution to aiding environmental issues. 

Users can connect their bank cards to the Climate Chain app with rewards available in the form of points for shopping with sustainable and climate-engaged retailers and merchants. Points can then be used for discounts, swapped for cash or given to friends. 

Deposit Planet

Deposit Planet is an attempt to make the world of bank term deposits more transparent for smaller investors. 

Term deposits are investments which have a fixed duration and allow banks greater clarity over the amount of money they are holding. In return, investors can secure higher rates of return from global institutions for their investment in exchange for the fixed term funding from lenders in emerging markets such as Georgia. 

Deposit Planet makes money from the difference between the level of interest received from the bank and the interest rate subsequently offered to customers. There are no fees for opening an account, withdrawing (except for early withdrawals), or any annual service fees. 

Family Finances

Family Finances is a fintech company which provides banking products across savings, finance management, and education tech from a variety of financial institutions. 

The company allows parents to track their children’s spending and savings to help boost financial consciousness while banks can better understand the needs and desires of a tech-literate generation of Gen Z. 


Hola Lucas

Lucas is a mortgage finance platform from Spain. Currently a pilot programme in Madrid whereby users provide 5% of the value of a property to Lucas who then cover the rest of the cost which is then repaid through rent payments over a number of years in the traditional rent-to-buy process. 



Berlin-based Prolendo is a mortgage finance platform for institutional investors across Europe in an attempt to make mortgages more affordable and accessible for consumers. 

With getting on the property ladder increasingly difficult, Prolendo works to reduce the cost of mortgages while providing good risk-adjusted returns for investors.


“Only 5% of everyday investors make a profit,” according to London-based Pynk.

As a result, the company has developed a process which interplays its proprietary AI and “wisdom of the crowd,” and in-house analysis to help make short- and long-term investment decisions in an attempt to provide market-beating returns. 



Sum&Substance is a London-based startup which provides identity verification software for compliance purposes and works with companies like Uber. 

Founded in 2015, the company aims to prevent fraud and meet different global regulatory requirements by leveraging machine learning. 


Another London-based startup, Sync is an all-in-one banking service provider which was founded by a former head of product at challenger bank Revolut.

The company is an open banking platform which manages multiple bank accounts for its users and allows for up to 25 currencies to be held within the app, which is launching soon. 

Treasury Spring

Treasury Spring is a London-based startup which offers Fixed-Term Funds (FTFs) which allow investors to invest in a single investment grade issuer for a fixed term. These FTFs are similar to term deposits in that they have a fixed duration but offer access to sovereigns and corporates as well as financial institutions. 


Dublin-based start-up Trezeo is banking for the gig economy.

The app provides steady weekly pay by averaging your overall monthly income to ensure that gig economy employees and freelancers have greater clarity over their finances. 



Nottingham, UK-based Tully is a personalized debt platform which works with users to design repayment schedules that reflect the amount that people can afford. 

Tully aims to help create a realistic budget for its users in order to help with debt repayments and build savings.