How to make conference calls on an iPhone, with features you can use to control other lines in the call


how to conference call on iphone

  • You can make a conference call on an iPhone with up to five callers at a time, including yourself, for any work conference or to connect far flung friends.
  • During an iPhone conference call, you can slip into a private conversation with one of the callers or accept a new incoming call that you can merge into the greater chat.
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Your iPhone is a powerful tool. It serves as a camera, gaming device, e-reader, television, web browser, and so much more.

But let’s not forget that, first and foremost, a smartphone is still a phone. And in this capacity it also has amazing capabilities, such as the option to host a conference call with as many as five people connected together, your phone included.

Using an iPhone to make conference calls is quick and easy, and you have total control over the call while it’s in progress, too.

And if creating a five-person call from your phone isn’t good enough, keep in mind that you can always use the iPhone FaceTime app on an iPhone or iPad to connect as many as 32 people, either via video call or via a FaceTime audio call.

How to make conference calls on an iPhone

1. Place a call to the first person you wish to join the conference.

2. Once they answer, tap the “+” symbol above the words “add call.”

how to conference call on iphone

3. Select the number to be added from your contacts or tap the keypad and punch in the new number.

4. Once the new caller answers, tap the twin arrow icon above “merge calls” to join the lines together.

how to conference call on iphone

5. Repeat up to four times, connecting a total of five numbers, including yours.

Features you can use to control other lines on the call

During your conference call, you can drop a line or enter into a private conversation with any one of the numbers on the call. Tap the blue icon with the letter “i” in a circle to display each line on the call.

how to conference call on iphone

The options “End Call” and “Private” will be displayed.

how to conference call on iphone

Tapping end call drops that caller, while hitting Private takes you and that line onto a separate line. You can rejoin the main call by again merging the lines.

And of course you can always just end your call to drop all the lines at once.

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