After years of mysterious teases, one of the most anticipated PlayStation 4 games just got a crazy new trailer and a November release date


Death Stranding

  • The hotly anticipated new game “Death Stranding” arrives on November 8, according to Sony.
  • The game is the first from acclaimed game creator Hideo Kojima since 2015’s “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain,” and was first announced in 2016 — though details have been light.
  • “Death Stranding” is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and it features major Hollywood stars as main characters: Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, and more.
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After years of trailers and teases and talks, “Death Standing,” the hotly anticipated new game from “Metal Gear” creator Hideo Kojima finally has a release date: November 8.

The news came alongside a lengthy new trailer, which showcases the graphical prowess of the game and — for the first time since it was first announced in 2016 — offers a deeper look into how it will actually play.

In one instance, the game’s main character Sam (played by Norman Reedus, of “The Walking Dead” fame) evades enemies on a vehicle:

Death Stranding

In another, he’s seen traversing an uneven terrain with various gadgets:

Death Stranding

And a brief bout of gunplay was demonstrated:

Death Stranding

But these examples are just barely scratching the surface of this nearly nine-minute long trailer.

More than anything else, the new video demonstrates the bigger story and gameplay of a game that’s otherwise been shrouded in mystery.

When Kojima spoke about “Death Stranding” earlier this year at the Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan, he described it obliquely.

“The player will have to reconnect the world in the game,” Kojima said at the event in May. “You’re very alone and [there’s a] solitude feeling as well, but you’re trying to connect. The story and the gameplay: The key word is connection. There are so many things in between of course, but the key is connection.”

Death Stranding

In the latest trailer, the main goal of the game is spelled out directly: Playing as Sam, you’re attempting to reconnect disparate communities across the US. Something has gone wrong — the so-called “death stranding” is a mysterious force that can seemingly kill people and animals invisibly — and it’s on you to figure it out and save the world.

Check out the trailer below:

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