What Is Going On in Gaza?

Noida, 15 July-2014, Wasim Akram Tyagi: That was the last Facebook post of martyr Fakhir el-Ajjoury from North Gaza before he got cut into pieces. An (Israeli) aircraft targeted him while he was transporting the stuff of people with his vehicle, which he used as a hawker. This incident tells the world that all Palestinians are under fire and all Gazans are targets for the (Israeli) aircrafts, which strike all the places without exceptions. That makes the situation and life even harder for the inhabitants of the strip, in the light of the continuous and suffocating Israeli blockade since June, 2007 and the power cut most of the time. Besides, there is a general shortage in the essential needs and sources which secure a decent life for the human beings. The IAF has been attacking intensely several areas in the Gaza Strip since last Monday evening, July 7, 2014.

“When I die, some people will be sad; others will feel relieved. Some of them will remember me forever and others will be careless”

Israel called the operation the Protective Edge while the Palestinian resistance called this attacks (/battle) the “Eaten Straw”. The (Israeli) aircrafts started bombing all areas of the Gaza Strip from the north to the south, reaching the borders with Egypt. Everything is being bombed, civilians and constructions. According to the statistics of PMOH, the death toll exceeded 193 and more than 1785 injuries. Actually, a new person could be killed while I am writing this report, and that would make the number an accumulative story narrated by our grandparents and still being read by the grandsons.

What Is Going On in Gaza?

According to the statistics of PMOH, the death toll exceeded 193 and more than 1785 injuries.

This doll was killed by the aircrafts of IOF as well as her friend, who could not hug her anymore. She was buried under the ruins.

The war machine does not care about the value of memories of the killed. Everything here is targeted: human beings, houses, hospitals and dolls. It seems clear that the target-bank, which the leaders of the IOF talk about, became empty. The kids, elderly and safe houses became targets instead. The mother of a student, who was still waiting for the results of General Secondary School in June 12, is still crying. Her son was killed among those who are being killed all the time and in all places; who do not know until now what the reason behind their death was.

The children often buy lanterns in Ramadan to play with their friends and practice the nice rituals of this lovely month. Yet, the children in Gaza have stopped playing with those lanterns because the lights launched by the (Israeli) aircrafts in the sky are enough to kill the happiness of those children and delay their playing to another unknown time. Kefah Ghannam was one of those kids. The Palestinian poet Khaled Juma wrote about her on his Facebook account, “Kefah Ghannam was among the martyrs in Rafah today. She was a deaf girl who tried to face her disability through a special didactic program in one of the institutions. She used to get back home happy every time she knew something new. She might be killed and never listened to a song in her lifetime; never heard her mother, the voice of a cat or a bird; the call of al-Fajir prayer nor the sound of the explosion itself.”