Kim Kardashian explains why pregnant women should never leave the house

New York City, 10 July-2014(HB): Earlier this week I had the opportunity to do what millions of people would give their tweeting arm to do: Chat with Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim Kardashian in the 2-inch-long eyelashed flesh. To celebrate Babies “R” Us’ (where their children’s line, Kardashian Kids, is sold) partnership with Operation Shower— an organization that throws baby showers for future military moms who are going through pregnancy alone during their husbands’ deployment—the sisters hosted an event for nearly 65 moms-to-be in New Jersey. And before they took the stage at the lunch, I gawked at sat down with the reality TV stars.

Kim Kardashian explains why pregnant women should never leave the house

Kim Kardashian explains why pregnant women should never leave the house

In person, the Kardashian sisters are glorious—and behave exactly like they do on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and its various spinoffs: They interrupt, tease, and laugh at each other…really say whatever’s on their minds’ in an unrehearsed way. In real life, they’re all pretty small and their hair is shiny. So. Shiny.

Kim Kardashian explains why pregnant women should never leave the house

Before releasing them to the excited crowd of expectant moms, we grabbed a few minutes with the Kardashian sisters to discuss North West’s baby style (which Kim described as “princess girly, but in creams”), Kourtney’s stroller hoarding habit, and Kim’s feelings about pregnancy dressing. We also took a selfie. Naturally.

Kim Kardashian explains why pregnant women should never leave the house

Can you tell me what it means to be involved with Operation Shower?
Khloe: Operation Shower is a phenomenal organization. It basically relieves the burden of throwing a baby shower when your spouse or husband or whoever is getting deployed to the military. They have showers in a box that provide you with all the essentials or for our situation we’re giving our fashion Kardashian kids and essentials to all these people. They’ve given over 700,000 of these boxes to families, and it really just releases some of the pressure of not knowing even where to turn to know where to start.

So, for moms what do you think the big essentials are?
Kim: I knew nothing when I was registering, and Kourtney took me and helped me get everything that I could possibly need. I think the most important thing is—I always liked help with feeding essentials like breastfeeding stuff, because it’s really tricky. You kind of have to be a mom-insider to know the tips to make it all happen smoothly.

Khloe: Even just diapers and bibs and…

Kourtney: Pacifiers and bottles.

Khloe: These boxes have all of that. Just things that you need and all of that stuff adds up, and sometimes you’re like ugh a bottle…that will somehow get into my kitchen. No, you have to purchase that. There are a lot of things. You don’t think of the detailed stuff.

What is the best baby shower gift you’ve ever given or received?
Khloe: Whenever I buy stuff for my friends, it’s normally a car seat or something that my friends need and use all the time.

Kim: I recommend that everyone have a Diaper Genie. Who can live without it?

Khloe: Yeah that shit smells.

Kourtney: I have the best one. Mine is tin.

Kim: Yeah tin. That’s the one I have. It’s the best one. You need like an air-tight [seal]. The one I have is by Ubbi.

Kourtney: The plastic they say can soak up the scent.

Kim: And I love the wipe warmer. It’s not a complete necessity…

Khloe: A carseat is a necessity people. Listen to the question. That’s why I say a car seat.

Kim: Kourtney is a stroller hoarder. She has maybe 30 strollers.

Kourtney: I am a stroller hoarder. There are many occasions for different strollers. Disneyland has a different stroller than the mall would have or the farmer’s market. I use a bugaboo stroller for my walks, but if I’m going to Disneyland, I use my Double Orbit.

Is this for style or…?
Kim: Functionality.

Kourtney: Both.

Khloe: Just when I thought things couldn’t get more real with you two.

Kourtney: Next I need a mom mobile. That’s my scariest purchase yet. I like to actually give not practical baby gifts because I think it’s more fun to get something that you wouldn’t buy yourself. Maybe some over-the-top clothes or something.

Kim: I like to give great clothes. I only get kids clothes. And I know kids don’t like clothes, but I like to get them clothes.

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So in terms of kids clothes, do you think that kids should have style? How do you cultivate that style?
Kim: Absolutely. I think it’s a must. I think that you’ve got to see their personality to know what style they want.

Kourtney: The clothes that I had for Mason before he was born ended up being totally different than what his style was once he developed a personality. Once he was even born, I was like ‘Ugh, this is so not him.’ So many things I didn’t even end up using for him.

Kim: Like North doesn’t really like pink. Like she’s very neutral…She doesn’t like prints.

How does she…how old is she now?
Kim: She’s one.

She’s one…how does she show you?
Kourtney: It’s Kim and Kanye.

Kim: She hasn’t liked it for her whole life.

Khloe: Kim and Kanye determine, and that’s what parents do.

Kourtney: Kim and Kanye don’t like pink or prints.

Kim: Kourtney is a full hippie, so Penelope is like full hippie gear.

Khloe: She’s not a hippie. She’s like very girly.

Kourtney: She’s a girly girl.

Kim: But she’s not. She’s a total hippy girly.

Khloe: She is not a princess girly.

Kim: But North is a princess girly, but in creams. Like a cream textured princess.

Khloe: I would never define North as princess-y.

Kim: Really?

Kourtney: No, never.

Khloe: She’s like badass. Like I’m North. She’s very confident in who she is. I will say that. And P is like submissive and sweet. North is very sweet, but North is like ‘Hi,’ like she bosses people around.

Kourtney: Penelope loves to show you her outfit everyday.

Khloe: This is the best interview I’ve ever done.

Can I ask you about pregnancy style…what you recommend and how you define your style?
Kim: I recommend hiding for a good year and having no pregnancy style. That’s what I recommend. If you can do it, hide. Never leave the house.

Khloe: Okay, well that’s not practical. Give a different answer.

Kim: That’s really my recommendation. Wear a huge blanket.

Kourtney: I think comfortable for me is crucial.

Khloe: You have great pregnancy style though.

Kim: You have the best pregnancy style.

Kourtney: It’s hard to even define what it is.
Khloe: But you’re always in long flowy dresses when you’re pregnant.

Kim: You just wear regular clothes in a bigger size.

Kourtney: I’m not really into maternity clothes. This is the Kardashian collection, and it’s just a size bigger than I would normally get.

Kim: I will say Pea in the Pod saved my life. At the end of my pregnancy. I even wear their tanks now to work out in because they’re really long.