Sheena Chohan Dreams to be part of world cinema now

Chennai, July 6(IANS): Describing her recent visit to Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) as enriching, actress Sheena Chohan says that the experience has persuaded her to be open to world cinema as she feels cinema has no geographical boundaries.

Sheena Chohan Dreams to be part of world cinema now

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Shanghai International Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My recent visit to SIFF made me realise that cinema has no barriers or geographical boundaries. Meeting actors from so many different parts of the world, watching their films was an enriching experience. I dream to be part of world cinema now, Sheena told IANS.

Sheena had travelled to SIFF with her Bangladeshi film Ant Story, for which she was also nominated in the best actress category at the fest.

I was also extremely lucky to have rubbed shoulders with some of the legends from world cinema. I also realised there’s so much of unity in cinema and it doesn’t matter which part of the world a film is made in, she said.

As an artist, she learnt new emotions from watching films from across the globe at SIFF.

I watched films from so many different countries. Each film was made with a unique vision and no two films were the same. As an actor, each film and story was like a new emotion for me. I also had an opportunity to learn from every film that I got to watch, she said.