Why America favors religious extremists in Middle East and South Asia

New York City, 26 June-2014,Tim King(AFP): Touting its commitment to religious freedom like a broken record, US politicians and administrations continue supporting murderous, “religious” fanatics.

Why America favors religious extremists in Middle East and South Asia

Militants from the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) (file photo)

World order is contingent upon freedom, a concept the American government has claimed to represent for more than two hundred years — the same US government that eradicated the Native American culture in the world’s largest and longest genocide. Sadly, now, as it was then, America’s claims are a ruse and a bloody lip for humanity. In truth, the American government is doing, and has been doing, everything in its range of power to contaminate the world with its political and corporate greed. There are no rules or boundaries, and the worst part of all is the fact that the United States funds and fuels the violent acts of religious extremists without batting an eyelash, and it is costing the world dearly.

Zionist war crimes

For many, the backing of Israel is the root problem. While the Jews, Roma, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Poles, and so many others were massacred by the Nazi’s during the World War Two period, only the Zionist Jews found a way to assume the same position as the WWII Germans. Israel’s legal system to this day, has one set of laws for Jews, and one set of laws for everyone who is not a Jew. Young Palestinian Muslims and Christians are routinely arrested and held under abusive conditions for long periods of time. Israel’s colonizing settlers keep building Jewish-only housing communities on Palestinian land and the Netanyahu regime backs the madness step by step. Israel is planted on stolen land, and, to this day, it continues to legally seize land owned by Palestinians, eradicate olive tree groves, bomb civilians with drones and US-supplied F-16s, and simply subject people who are not Jewish, to endless illegal checkpoints and subhuman conditions.

Those who express criticism of Israel’s abuses are called “anti-Semitic” and nine times out of ten or more, the writers in no way condemn or hate Judaism as a faith, only the actions of the Israeli regime, which is empowered by endless US taxpayer support and political protection against war crimes in the United Nations. Even Jews of other backgrounds, like the Ethiopians, are treated as second class citizens in Israel.

Every Israeli citizen can attend college on the US taxpayer’s dime.

While the US has maintained unconditional support for Israel’s state terrorism, the reputation of the American government has fallen sharply worldwide. The fact is that Israel has hijacked the Judaic faith for military purposes.

Religious extremism in Asia

Allies of the United States in Asia include both Sri Lanka and Myanmar. These are the only two governments that have committed genocide in the 21st century; both are Buddhist. Once again, the Americans fund and encourage state terrorism, even sending Hillary Clinton to Myanmar while Rohingya Muslim villages were burning, to build ties between the US corporate structure and Myanmar’s President Thein Sein. The stories that emerged from Myanmar were beyond horrifying, men tortured to death, images of Buddhists riding motorcycles while carrying bloody machetes. Women raped, children burned to death, and all the while the US fails to do anything at all. The victims, the Rohingya Muslims.

In 2009, US officials had their eye on Sri Lanka’s genocide of Tamil Hindus and Christians, yet failed to stop the madness that left approximately 160,000 human beings dead or missing. This is one of the most devastating crimes against human beings in modern times. Before laying waste deceptively to so many people, Sri Lanka’s government and its appointed thugs kidnapped and murdered large numbers of journalists who sported pro-Tamil sentiments. This all took place under the nose of the various world governments that claim to protect humanity. The genocide was conducted in order for Sri Lanka to emerge from the violence with a Sinhala Buddhist government.

Backing extremist “Sunni” militants

The most vicious and unnerving US support of religious extremists goes to the “Sunni” militants in the Middle East who the Americans have been funding in order to destabilize otherwise functional governments. During the Iraq war, the Bush administration began paying Sunni militants to work with the US in a program called “Sons of Iraq.” Then, after buying the Sunni loyalty, the Americans cut their funding to the program, proving once and for all that any encouragement or incentive to back US war programs is short-lived at best. Those same Sunni militants surely fear for their lives today, having worked with the warring US and Coalition forces. The US had barely wound down the Iraq war when it jumped on the bandwagon with France, Italy and the UK to attack the Muammar al-Gaddafi government in Libya. While Libya’s political leader was long criticized by the Americans, the plan to attack this stable nation was based upon al-Gaddafi’s decision to take further control of his own nation’s oil. Muammar al-Gaddafi was brutalized and murdered in cold blood, the images of his body in a grocery store freezer shown to the world. This is America’s legacy.

The US expected to move its war machine from Libya to Syria when, lo and behold, the world stood up and said no. Russia’s Vladimir Putin had to put a stop to US President Barack Obama’s decision to turn the battle over Syria into a full scale US military venture. Relying on reports about the President of Syria ordering gas attacks, Obama’s plans and ambitions were tempered by evidence that the so-called gas attacks were almost certainly committed by the US-backed jihadist rebels. Damascus, one of the world’s oldest and culturally rich cities, became a bloodbath for Shiites, Christians and Jews. The Americans were paying the most brutal thugs on the face of this earth to destabilize a nation that honored people of all religious backgrounds, where people excelled and prospered. Today, anyone who fails to support the extremist Sunni militants faces a death sentence in Damascus, all thanks to American design.

Lest we forget, Iran also has laws in place to protect its Jewish population. This is not something you will find in many nations that the US backs, like Saudi Arabia.

This is an age of unprecedented disappointment with the US political system, which seems bent on spiking the flames of unrest wherever an opportunity exists. Innocent victims suffer day in and day out in an age of amazing technology and communication, and American politicians cry for more war, knowing they (and their offspring) will never have to participate in the warring conflicts that arouses the politicians in Washington D.C.

This seems extremely contrary to the mission of a nation built on the concept of religious freedom.