Playing an aggressive role in ‘Ek Villain’ tough: Sidharth Molhotra

Mumbai(Bollywoodmantras): Sidharth Malhotra says he tapped into all the frustrations in his life to play a loud and aggressive character in the Mohit Suri-directed thriller ‘Ek Villain’.

Playing an aggressive role in ‘Ek Villain’ tough: Sidharth Molhotra

Playing an aggressive role in 'Ek Villain' tough: Sidharth Molhotra

The actor is known for his romantic hero image thanks to the success of ‘Student of the Year’ and ‘Hasee toh Phasee’. “It was tough to get into all the angry emotions and intense look. I have taken out all my 29 years of frustration, be it parents issue, career or struggling days in this film. It was almost like a therapy for me.

“It is one of the most fulfilling and performance-oriented roles I have played so far,” said Sidharth, who was in the city to promote the film. Also starring Shradha Kapoor, the film will hit theatres next Friday.
Sidharth praised Suri for getting a good performance out of him. “I was doing ‘Hasee toh Phasee’ when Mohit offered me the film. In just one line he said that the film would be a love story of a bad person, who is considered a villain in the society for his bad deeds. It was an alien role for me because it is totally going to change people’s perception about me,” the actor said.

The Delhi-born star was apprehensive about pulling off the role convincingly. “I knew from the very beginning that I have to push my limits to play the role. I was apprehensive whether I would be able to do justice to it. But Mohit is such a good director that he made me do it. Had it been a young director, I would not have be able to pull it off. I may not have taken the film too,” he said.

Having started his career as an assistant director to Karan Johar, Sidharth got a dream debut in his film ‘Student of the Year’, which also starred Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt opposite him. The three actors are often pitted against each other, but Sidharth says he does not take competition as a burden. “Having no ‘filmi’ background, my journey in the showbiz industry has always been a competition. I do believe that there is a competition among us but it is a healthy one. The pressure is not about how many films we are doing in a year rather it is more about how convincing the roles were that we played onscreen,” he added.