Forget bikini, never even wore a sleeveless blouse: Waheeda Rehman

Mumbai, 6 April-2014(IANS): Veteran actress Waheeda Rehman, who dominated Bollywood in the 1950s, says she never wore a sleeveless blouse, and so a bikini would be entirely out of the question.

Forget bikini, never even wore a sleeveless blouse: Waheeda Rehman

The actress, who was signed by renowned filmmaker Guru Dutt for three years in the beginning of her career, recalled she incorporated a clause in the contract that she would have the final say on the costumes.

“I was not 18 when I signed the contract. I said I want a clause in the contract if I don’t like the costumes I will not wear them,” she told reporters during the unveiling of the book “Conversations with Waheeda Rehman”, authored by Nareen Munni Kabir, which is about her life and films in an interview format.

She said Guru Dutt asked her if she had seen his films, and when she said no, he urged her to see them before discussing this.

“So I watched his films which were not vulgar at all. But still I was adamant about having the clause. So finally I added that clause in the contract,” said Waheeda.

“I didn’t want to wear a bikini as I don’t have the figure. I have never worn a sleeveless blouse ever in films or in my personal life, so there was no way that I would wear a bikini,” she added.

Apart from this, she also added a clause which says she will not change her name.

“Change of name was a fashion then… like Dilip Kumar, Madhubala, Meena Kumari changed their names. I was quite adamant that I will not change my name as it was given by my parents.”

The actress, however, says she never watches her own films as she tends to criticise herself.

“When I am watching my films, I think I could have done this scene better and I tend to criticise myself. I have liked myself in bits and parts.”

Revealing her secret behind her beauty, Waheeda said: “I am extremely satisfied and content. I am happy and I think happiness is enough for everything.”