Mallika Sherawat wants to star in a biopic on the late astronaut Kalpana Chawla

Mallika Sherawat, who hasn’t been seen in a Bollywood film for years, says she is tired of glamorous roles and would like to love to do a biopic if she was offered one. In fact, she has even set her heart on a subject: Kalpana Chawla.

Says Mallika, “Kalpana inspires me because as an Indian woman, she forged ahead with her dreams. To be what she wanted to be — to such an extreme — is greatness in itself. Nothing else matters. She has shown me to live and to die being what you want to be. Her life was at once triumphant and tragic.”

This year, it’s raining women, as far as biopics are concerned. The genre has given women the chance to shine and not just be an accessory to the leading man. It gives her the chance to play a challenging, real character on screen.

Biopics are meaty acting parts and not just song-and-dance affairs (while The Dirty Picture was, it also won Vidya Balan several awards).