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Identify your hidden potential with DMIT test

Hyderabad,S. Chandrashekara Reddy: Dermatoglyphics may be an emerging subject in India. But, in western world, it is an established subject which identifies one’s hidden potential and generates multiple intelligence test report with finger prints. It is useful for individuals as well as corporate world. The subject is developed based on …

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Mother’s Day: The celebration of motherhood

Sivasagar, Prangan Duarah: The most beautiful word in this mechanical world is “mother”, the symbol of the living god, the symbol of limitless devotion and sacrifice and a perfect symbol of strength and bravery. She is a woman who teaches us the value of independence, the meaning of unconditional love, …

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Tech world eyes digital life beyond the smartphone

As smartphone sales have peaked in most major markets, Apple, Samsung and others are being forced to rethink their business models to keep growing and connecting with consumers. The trend in smartphones appears to follow similar peaks in tablet sales and personal computers, said Bob O’Donnell, chief analyst at Technalysis …

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Fossils of first plant-eating marine reptile found

CHICAGO:A bizarre crocodile-sized ’hammerhead’ creature, that lived 242 million years ago in what today is southern China may have been the earliest known example of a plant-eating marine reptile, researchers have said. The fossil, discovered in 2014, has a poorly preserved head, but it seemed to have a flamingo-like beak. …

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Canelo Alvarez stops Amir Khan in 6th round

LAS VEGAS:Canelo Alvarez needed only one big right hand to turn a close fight into a smashing knockout. Struggling with Amir Khan’s speed, Alvarez unleashed a long right hand that send Khan backward on the canvas, where referee Kenny Bayless didn’t even bother to count him out at 2-37 of …

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