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Malaysia Airlines to cut 6,000 jobs

It was the sixth straight quarterly loss for the airlines that is saddled with a RM12-billion debt, and the company expects the full impact of the twin tragedies to be felt in the second half of the year.

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Nasal cells can repair knee defects

While the primary target of the ongoing clinical study is to confirm the safety and feasibility of cartilage grafts engineered from nasal cells, the clinical effectiveness assessed until now is highly promising, researchers concluded.

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‘Mary Kom’ is tax free in Maharashtra

'Mary Kom' celebrates a national hero, who as we speak is still competing to bring laurels to the country (she will be competing at the Asian Games). We are grateful to the government of Maharashtra for lending their support to the film, Andhare said."

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Fearing more ‘takeovers’, Christians to lock Aligarh church after reconversion

A day after the "re-conversion" of 72 Valmikis in an Asroi (Aligarh) church, the pastor at the headquarters of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Mumbai, Habil Gyan, said members of the denomination will soon lock up the church. A Shiva poster had been put up inside the church soon after the re-conversion. But it was taken away as news of the incident spread and threatened to turn into a communal fracas.

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9 extraordinary smartphones available at a decent price for commons

With the smartphone market expanding each day with innumerable brands and a wide range of good phones to choose from, being spoilt for choice and confused while making up a final decision before buying a phone is normal. Phones which can match the standards and features of really expensive phones can be found within a budget as small as under 15,000 bucks.

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Rajnath Singh will be at the helm of affairs while Narendra Modi visits Japan

Narendra Modi is scheduled to travel to Japan on Saturday for a five-day state visit. In his absence, Rajnath Singh will hold the fort. He will be also chairing Cabinet meetings if the need arises. While it is not the first time that Rajnath will act as Modi's deputy, the issue gains importance in light of all the rumours surrounding the Home Minister and his son.

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