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Columnist, Author, Blogger, E-marketer, Entrepreneur, Daydreamer. Founder of the Indilens News Team.

4 Best Writing Apps for Kids

For some kids, the first time they pick up a pencil can be a challenge. The best way to help them get better at it is by regularly practicing writing with them and encouraging them to build early literacy skills …

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How to (Virtually) Travel the World

Posted: 5/11/20 | May 11th, 2020 With the world on hold for the foreseeable, it’s going to be a long time before we get back on the road. Even as we begin to look to the summer, it’s likely that …

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15 Best Kid-Friendly Hotels in San Diego

The fifteen best family hotels in San Diego that I review below are the most popular choices for vacations and staycations. They are on the beach or near the beach, close to attractions, and balance fun amenities for kids and …

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YTP EP09: Current Crisis Coping + Thoughts on Future of Travel

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