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Ford responds to Tesla's new Cybertruck (F, TSLA)

[ad_1] Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled Cybertruck, the company’s first passenger truck, on Thursday night. During the presentation, Musk took shots at traditional makers in his usual fashion.  “We’ve always focused on serving our truck customers regardless of what others …

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How to Choose and Change Your Next Graphics Card

[ad_1] Computer graphics are amazingly sophisticated these days. Especially in video games, some of which are almost photorealistic! This is all thanks to a dedicated hardware component known as the GPU or graphics processing unit. A sophisticated microprocessor that has …

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Bill Gates says that the only way to hire and keep AI talent is to let them share their research openly: 'You can completely ignore whoever tries to close their system'

[ad_1] Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates appeared onstage for Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum in Beijing on Thursday, and spoke out against protectionism in artificial intelligence research.  The US and China have dominated in AI research, but rising political tensions have slowed …

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