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Indian Army frames new policy on use of social media

NEW DELHI: The Indian Army has formulated a policy on the use of social media to ensure sensitive information is not leaked or compromised. The Ministry of Defence informed Parliament on Friday that serving personnel have been given a list of dos and don’t’s while using social media. In a …

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How to download music for free from internet

As we all know that most of the time we are trying to reduce our stress level after the heavy work. Generally, we used to hear the music for making us bit relief. When comes to download the music, most of the people visit the websites to download their favorite …

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Liver Transplant: All You Need to Know About it

Indilens Health Team: Liver is a vital organ in the human body, a literal power house, it plays a crucial role in the digestive system. It has more than 500 functions in the body which include purifying the blood. Simply put, a healthy liver means a healthy body. Sustained and …

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