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Bengal CM’s Writings are in superfluous demand in the book fair

Kolkata, February 4, Rimo Bose: It’s not Durjay Dutta, Chetan bhagat or Preeti Shenoy whose books have been on top chart in Kolkata’s Book fair, it’s the CM Mamata Banerjee’s book that has been regarded as the highest selling one. The numbers of books that are already being disposed of the stalls are claiming to be as one of the highest selling counts in whole world.

Sudhangshu Dey belonging to Dey’s Publication house told to the PTI of the high requirement of the book. It is also being expressed that thousand prints of her literary work are being sold within this period of time. Previous year books amounting to 10 lakh rupees were sold out, which grossed her 1lakh.

Books by Mamata Banerjee


Till now the CM has penned down 33 books last two books were “Kobita” and “Paribartan” poem and change respectively. In all these books she has highlighted her skirmish days and heydays. In her book My Unforgettable memories she has weaved the phases of her life. She in one of her poem collections named Netai she has mentioned about the unshielded 9 men of Netai village of Midnapore who were ambushed to death.

Not only her writings have touched the social causes and rights but her two rhyme books Ajab Chhora and shishu Shathi are in huge craze among the junior section of bibliophiles.

Lastly the highlighted acclaimed book of her’s is “Upalabdhi” which is an assemblage of essays, has gained a reputation in the sphere of literature.