Opposition Party Congress Boycotts Odisha Governor’s Address

Odisha, February 3, Abhijit Saha: Today the opposition party Congress boycotts Odisha Governor S C Jamir’s address to the state Assembly blaming that the state government was not acquainting the governor with the real situation. 

Governor of Odisha, S C Jamir

Governor of Odisha, S C Jamir

Jamir said that the economy of the state would grow at the rate of 9 per cent in the period of 12th plan  since  poverty  in  the  state  has  dropped by  24.6 %  which  is  highest  reduced  rate   as compared  to all  other states. He also said that the  per capita  income in Odisha in 2004-05 has increased to Rs. 26,900 from Rs. 14,862 in 1999-2000 which is an increase of over 77 percent in the period.

Today was the inaugural day of the short assembly session held to pass vote-on-account before general elections where he was addressing the Assembly.

Opposition leader Bhupinder Singh put across an analogous speech soon after the governor’s speech. Reacting to this the Congress MLA’s stood on their seats and started protesting the governor’s address. He also said to the reporters that the state government is putting wrong words in governor’s mouth. They also started showing posters blaming the BJD government for making Odisha the poorest state in the country.

The governor in his speech said that when he came into power, the state government was facing severe financial crisis. Then the opening balance of the government was negative Rs. 370 crore and an budget deficit of Rs. 1,400 crore approximately.

He also declared that the government has been able to accelerate economic growth and reduce poverty with an annual growth of 8.2 per cent according to the 11th plan at 2004-05.

According to the speech, the government has been able to reduce the net debt stock from 46.48 percent of GSDP in 2001-02 to 17.87 percent of GSDP in 2011-12 thus achieving the recommended 25 percent Debt-GSDP ratio by the 13th Finance Commission and the states plan size has also increased as well over the years.