Mad Men actress January Jones Wants to warm up In Bed With Rihanna

Washington DC, 21 March-2014, Emily Longeretta: If given a chance to go to bed with a person dead or alive, “Mad Men” actress January Jones would go for singer Rihanna or late actor Paul Newman.

Mad Men actress January Jones Wants to warm up In Bed With Rihanna

Mad Men actress January Jones Wants to warm up In Bed With Rihanna

January Jones is definitely not shy about her sexuality — and her new interview with ‘Violet Grey,’ she proves that once again. Going fully nude for the shoot, she poses scantly in a bath tub and admits that she wants to go to bed with Ri Ri! reports that when Jones was asked by online magazine Violet Grey who she would “most want to go to bed with, dead or alive”, she replied: “Paul Newman or Rihanna”

Jones, who has so far concealed the identity of the father of her two-year-old son Xander, enjoys being “mysterious”.

“I prefer to remain mysterious and have people make their own judgment calls about me than to always have to explain who I am and what I’m about.

“I try to take risks and shock people a little bit, it’s important to provoke some sort of emotion, negative or positive,” added the 36-year-old.

Who wouldn’t want to go to bed with Rihanna?

Rihanna Long Ponytail

She’s definitely on January Jones‘ list. In a new super sexy interview, the 36-year-old actress was asked who she’d “want to go to bed with” and she didn’t hesitate!

That’s two very different people — but either one would be hot! It’s shocking that January chose  Ri Ri out of all of the gorgeous celebs out there, including those who have already passed away.

However, I don’t think anyone would protest those two! In the photo shoot, January strips down in a bathtub for a few black and white pics and looks better than ever, showing off her super in shape figure and sexy slick back hair.

January Reveals Must-Have Beauty Products

For January, her skin always looks stunning and it’s no surprise. She shared that the most important beauty product is her creams!

“I can’t live without Sisely’s Supremyanight cream,” she said, adding that while it’s super expensive, “it’s worth your rent money.”

However, it’s not the only important thing in her makeup bag. She’s totally obsessed with nail polish.

“It’s very important because I wear acrylics for Mad Men and am constantly changing the polish from work colors (frosty white, coral, classic red or pink), to a nude or light pink to disguise how long they are,” she said. “And if I want to go bold, I love a deep red.”

Her bedside table though is not filled with makeup, but “books, water, hand cream, and lip balm,” along with family photos.

“[My mom] always told me that if I kept making so many weird and ugly faces my face would eventually freeze that way,” she shared. “Luckily I found a job where funny and/or frozen faces are encouraged. Also, [she told me] to not over pluck your eyebrows, a strong brow makes you look younger.” Oh, so that’s her secret? [ Input source: Contactmusic and hollywoodlife]