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Police under scanner: Meghalaya Teacher’s Job Scam

Shillong, February 2, R M Warjri: With the Meghalaya Police passing the buck on the High Court as being the reasons for delay on action of the FIR filed way back in 2012, CSWO President Kong Agnes Kharshiing said that it was outrageous to know that Police could not get access to the original documents related to the case and instead waited for the High Court of Meghalaya to provide the documents.

CSWO President Kong Agnes Kharshiing
CSWO President Kong Agnes Kharshiing

The Hon’ble High Court has given a clarification stating that the original documents are lying with the CBI and this being the position then the Police are dilly dallying on some pretext or the other, obviously to protect people in power like the former Education Minister including other Ministers and some MLAs including the present Forest Minister, Deputy Chief Minister (RC Laloo). Honest Officers are made scapegoat while the culprits are left out, said the NGO leader while speaking to reporters.

She also added that score sheets of Mawkyrwat and Baghmara Center, East Khasi Hills, Jowai, Amlarem, and many others have been so clearly tampered and even the xerox copies could have been sent for FSL which could prove the case.

The NGO leader also said that she is surprise as to how the documents are not available with the Police and raised doubts on the manner the High Level Committee conducted the enquiry, adding that whether HLC conducted the enquiry without the records or simply on the basis of the report of CBI.

The CSWO demanded that action be taken on those involved as they have been playing with the lives of so many deserving candidates.

Kong Agnes urge organizations and likeminded persons to come out in the open and force the Government to take actions on those involved.