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Racism again: 2 Manipuri women beaten by Delhites

New Delhi, February 2, Priyanka Bhowmick: After the death of 18 years old, Nido Tania, the boy from North-East who studied in Delhi, once again 2 Manipuri girls are being assaulted in the same city. The 2 girls, identified as Tharmila Jajo and Chonmila, are beaten up by a few men in South Delhi’s Kotla Mubarakpur area. This incident took place on January 25, which came to light after the death of Nido Tania that happened on January 29. The girls filed a complaint to the police where they stated that one of the attackers has tied his dog’s chain to Chonmila’s shoes after which she started panicking. She tried to get away from the dog by kicking it, seeing which the man started beating her up. Unable to bear this, her friend Tharmila interfered in this matter but she too was allegedly spanked by the assaulters who also made racists remarks against the girls.

Image credit: Patrika
Image credit: Patrika

Chonmila works at a local mall. She went to Tharmila’s shop to buy goods. On noticing them the assaulters first passed racists comments and when the girls turned deaf to them, one of the assaulters tied his dog’s leash to her boots.

“There are many shops in the same lane but none of the shopkeepers came out to help. We are humans but here every day it’s a struggle for basic things,” Tharmila stated. They also said the same men, who were in their late 20’s, urinate in the walls of the shops and drink in front of the girls. “They pass comments like ‘Nepali dhandewali’, ‘rate kitna hai’ etc.” In the same road, there are three more shops – one is a men’s saloon and two more grocery shops – but all the owners denied to have seen anything. Danish, who works at the salon, said, “We keep the door closed and scuffles are routine here. We don’t know what happened here that night.”

When the girls filed their complaint to the Kotla Mubarakpur police, they were unwilling to take it at first. “From 10:30 pm to 6 am in the morning, we sat at the police station waiting to get the complaint registered. We called some of the northeast association members who, in turn, called up joint commissioner of police Robin Hibu and the FIR was finally registered,” said Mungreiwung W. Mungrei (20), a student. The police recorded the statement but no action has been taken till date.

The capital city has crossed all boundaries starting from rapes to racism. After the death of Nido Tania, who was allegedly beaten to death by Delhi locals, the outburst seems to have stirred the thought of racism further in Delhites’ minds.


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