50 people attempt to commit suicide every day in Hyderabad: NCRB

Hyderabad: According to the Hyderabad Psychiatric Society, at least 15 cases of attempted suicide come to the fore at Gandhi and OGH, but there are no psychiatrists to treat them when admitted in emergency.


Apparently, 50 cases of attempted suicide are reported in Hyderabad every day, says a report in Deccan Chronicle. The National Crime Records Bureau states that India is ranked 11th in the world for the number of suicides.

The Telangana Psychiatric Association has said that the NCRB figures may not be accurate as there is underreporting of such cases.

Many suicides that happen are impulsive and caused by depression, anxiety, financial woes, relationship issues and so on. Those who attempt suicide also need counselling and need to be referred to psychiatrists.

According to WHO, 21.1 persons per lakh commit suicide in India, making it the second leading cause of death in India. Most of these cases are found in the 15-29 age group.
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