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PM Modi attacks Congress, says ‘hawalabaaz’ are putting roadblocks

New Delhi(Indilens Web Team): PM Narendra Modi on Thursday took a jibe at Congress party for not allowing passage of GST bill and said that the ‘hawalabaaz’ are putting roadblocks.

PM Narendra Modi attacks Congress, says 'hawalabaaz' are putting roadblocks

Addressing BJP workers in Bhopal, PM Modi said, “The confidence and faith of people of Madhya Pradesh in BJP is increasing day by day and we will leave no stone unturned to fulfill your dreams.”

Hitting back at Sonia Gandhi over her ‘hawabaaz’ barb, Modi said,”Hawalabaaz are disturbed due to government’s tough stance on black money.”

He further added, “To those who have been rejected by the people, I appeal to them for the pride of democracy, to fend economic dangers and work with us,” he said.

Modi also blamed Congress for dropping of the idea to call extended Monsoon Session of Parliament for GST Bill’s passage, saying all other parties except Cong wanted the House to run.

“This is a government that doesn’t just make statements but has a roadmap to execute an initiative that is initiated,” said Modi.

Stating that Rajiv Gandhi would mock them when there were only two BJP MPs in the parliament , Modi added, “There was a time when the party used to win 400 seats and today they have been reduced to 40.”

He said,”When we lost the elections in 1984, we tried to learn from it. We didn’t criticised others, we introspected and corrected our mistakes instead and today the people of the nation gave our government a full majority. Every political group must leave no stone unturned in order to meet public expectations if they win and to introspect if they are defeated.”