Birthday Special: Akshay Kumar opens up about his son Aarav

He does four films a year and brings in huge moolah for the industry. But Akshay Kumar isn’t just a box office superstar. At home, he’s the superhero to his two kids- son Aarav and daughter Nitara. Protective and supportive at the same time, Akshay takes immense care in making sure he inculcates all the family values in his son.

Akshay Kumar with Twinkle Khanna

In a rare occasion of sorts, Akshay opens up on his relationship with son Aarav and tells us what movies he likes to watch…

Your son is also learning martial arts…

He didn’t tell me. I told him to join the classes. (Laughs) His exams are coming up in four months. I never groomed him. Children always think parents don’t know anything. They like learning from someone else. I myself can teach him and give him the black belt. But it’s always better to have someone else doing that. He tells me, ‘Daddy you don’t know anything’.

At a time when most of your contemporaries are playing 20 year olds, do you think you playing your age will set in a new trend?

I am not doing it to set an example. I am doing it to show people that it’s required. It’s my idea of playing the character. When did you see George Clooney hiding his age? What they are, they show that. People accept them the way they are and that’s a proud thing. Their films too are huge hits. I don’t see a point in setting a trend that’s why!

But there was a time when an actor too had a certain longevity. Today age doesn’t matter. Comment.

Absolutely right. Today, age doesn’t matter. The audience has become so smart because of social media and internet. They know everything. My son asked me a question the other day. He told me, ‘Papa why do you sing a song in the film when you are happy? Why can’t you just go for dinner?’ I had no answer to that. Why can’t I just have a glass of wine instead of prancing around trees and waterfalls? That’s what we naturally do when we are happy. We don’t dance around. I am ashamed (Laughs)

So he doesn’t like song and dance in a film?

With this generation, when they are watching a film, if songs are required, it’s fine. But suddenly, if you break into a song, it spoils the mood and the tempo of the film. For instance, Neeraj Pandey came up with this idea. We made Baby without any songs because that film didn’t require it at all. That was a change. So sometimes, changes are necessary and you need to listen to youngsters and they have a different mind.

Has he ever spoken to you about the kind of movies he likes watching?

No, he has never told me that let’s sit down and discuss films. He is like a normal kid. He would like a film if he finds the script nice and the acting nice. That’s it.

Twinkle has been a hands-on mom when you were busy with your work. Given a chance, would you have raised your children any differently?

No, he is a nice boy. I am proud to be his father. He has great values and respects elders. That’s all I want. And Twinkle’s an amazing mom.

Does he want to become an actor too?

I hope he does because this industry is great. It’s a very welcoming industry and it’s given food and shelter to me and my family for years now. But I will just tell him one thing that he will have to make his own mark. I am there to guide him, help him but he has to do everything here on his own. But that’s thinking too far. He is a teenager. Let him finish his studies.

Are you comfortable with someone making a biopic on you?

Yes, if someone thinks that my life can be made into a story, why not?

Who do you think should play you on screen?

Obviously, my son. And the biopic should not be made now. It should be made 10-15 years later when I will be old. So, my son will be the perfect one to play the role.