Modi’s wife doesn’t feel bad being forsaken

New Delhi, February 2, Rimo Bose: There is always a woman behind a successful man a well established thought, but in case of Modi it seems that he has never come out explicit about his wife Jashodaben now 62 years old.

Modi's wife Jashodaben

The expected PM of the next election from BJP has been married to Jashodaben as told by her in a very exceptional interview. It is being claimed that they kept knot tied for almost 3 year and then they severed their ways. This is the first time when she has agreed to speak up about her marriage with Modi. She recalled that it was a social and customary marriage and she was only 17 years then. And although they have separated but there were no scuffle in the relationship it ended with peace and in a good mannerism.

Even, though she might have spent all of 3 months on the whole, but she claims to be a follower of Modi till today. But since their break up they have never really exchanged any sort of communication, claimed by jashodaben who is an emeritus school teacher. Previously she was reluctant to sit for an interview but in the year 2009 her school was traced and she was convinced to share few words on her life with Modi.

She still now believes that Modi would be the upcoming PM and she even said that it was his fate and the ill times that made him do what he did. Supporting this comment an excerpt from the biography on Modi by the writer Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay, the bigot rule of RSS of containing unmarried party workers is being related.

Although, she is a bit doubtful about the fact that whether, she will ever receive a greeting from him or not. At presently she is leading an eremitic life with the school pension for teachers that is rupees 14,000, at her brother’s residence. Yet she is always reading everything and anything possible on Modi.