Don’t produce robots from students, Narendra Modi tells teachers

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his second address on eve of Teachers’ Day said teachers play a big role in shaping a student. Referring to late president APJ Abdul Kalam, he said, Dr Kalam always wanted to be remembered as a teacher and he was Dr Radhakrishnan of current generation. Modi also asked teachers not to make robots out of students, and instead engage them in creative activities.


Addressing a gathering of 800 students and 60 teachers, second consecutive year, he again recollected his school days and recounted his love for traditional sports like kabaddi, kho-kho and swimming. Bolstering confidence of teachers, Modi put them ahead of doctors and engineers, perceived as creamy professions. “Teaching profession is not like a doctor or an engineer. The role of a teacher is evolving and ongoing process. A true teacher never retires,” said the Prime Minister. He further added that teaching is not like any other profession. It demands dedication and commitment. Making a similar appeal like last year, Modi insisted that students should look forward to becoming a teachers and impart

Remembering Swami Vivekananda as his model, Modi said, “I used to read books on Swami Vivekananda. I think his thoughts have a great influence on my life.” He also made a reference about how lives of all great men have been influenced by their mother and teachers.

Modi had made a similar reference last year. He had then asked the students to read biographies of great men. “If you read biographies of great men, you will realise how lives of all great men had been
inspired by their mothers and teachers,” he had then said.

Like last year, scarcity of teachers found place in Modi’s speech again this year. For second consecutive year in a row, Modi appealed to the doctors, engineers and other educated class to dedicate
at least one hour a week in imparting educating to students. “If every one vows to contribute at least an hour a week for teaching students, there is going to be no dearth of talent in India,” added the prime minister.

Engage in artistic activities
Appealing to the teachers and parents not to produce robots from students, the prime minister asked the students to engage in artistic activities. The HRD ministry also launched Kala Utsav website on
the occasion. Kala Utsav besides promoting tribal art forms will provide students a platform to display and discover the talent. The event will take place in December this year.