PM Modi urges Indians to volunteer 100 hours a year for teaching

New Delhi: Eight hundred students and 60 teachers from various schools in New Delhi are interacting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday on the eve of Teacher’s Day along with students from across the country who have excelled in various activities.

PM is meeting students at Manekshaw Auditorium from 10 am to 11.15 am and with students outside through the video conferencing mode.

He will release a commemorative coin of Rs 125 denomination and a circulation coin of Rs 10 denomination in the honour of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, former President and educationist, teacher and philosopher, on the eve of his birth anniversary.

He will also launch the website for Kala Utsav, which is an initiative of the HRD Ministry to promote art in education, said a government statement.

Shortly after the PM’s interaction, President Pranab Mukherjee will also interact with teachers and teach students of Sarvodaya Vidyalaya inside the President’ Estate.

The Delhi government has asked all schools to ensure that the children view the live telecast of PM’s address from 9.45 am to 11.45 am. “After the PM’s address, children will remain seated and watch the President’s class with students of government schools starting at 11.45 am,” its circular said.

Separately, CBSE has asked all affiliated schools to make necessary arrangements so that “children may get an opportunity to learn from the Prime Minister’s interaction”. The events are being held on September 4 as September 5 — Teachers’ Day — is a school holiday and the country would also be celebrating Janamashtmi.

While nine crore students had participated in the interaction last year, the attempt is to scale up the numbers significantly this time, the officials said, adding that states have been asked to ensure both public and private school students listen to the Prime Minister.

“As a part of Teachers’ Day celebrations, tomorrow at 10 AM I will attend a programme very close to my heart – interaction with school children,” Modi tweeted on Thursday night.

He further tweeted that such interaction with school children is “refreshing” and that the enthusiasm of children and their curiosity is always gladdening.

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11:36 AM

Now an intriguing question from Jammu and Kashmir

Until we go beyond the limited idea of a “degree-job” we wont grow. We need to free ourselves; let ourselves write poetry or create art: PM

PM Modi shares anecdote about his poems. He says that his books are available online.

11:36 AM
PM Modi now shares tips about how he developed great oratory skills. He asks students to listen to speeches of great orators, to read self help books. He says that written speeches only confuse him!


A question from Bengaluru: what are the challenges on Swachh Bharat initiative?

11:20 AM
PM Modi says there is no one way to serve the nation. PM Modi cites example to say that even saving electricity or teaching an old person can also deemed as a service.

Now, a student asks him why teaching is no longer considered a lucrative profession in Indiia?

PM Modi says he hopes such interaction will impress more to join the teaching profession to build the future generation.

He urges Indians to voluntary teach youngsters for one hour a week or 100 hours in an year to pass on the torch of knowledge.

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Now a student reflects about the pressure kids go through to crack competitive exam.

11:01 AM

PM Modi thanks everyone for extending support to the Swachh Bharat Mission.

10:59 AM

Student from Panaji asks PM what his favorite sport is.

PM Modi again recalls his childhood. Showing great wit, PM says that everyone knows the games politicians play! But on a serious note, he also answers the question.

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Now, something unique is happening. PM Modi is interacting with a student who won a cooking show. He asks a question about Digital India but PM Modi has asked him a string of questions about his food preferences, favourite dish. Lucky kid indeed!

Now PM Modi gives answer to the question. He says electricity in all villages is imperative to Digital India. PM says that steps are being taken to ensure that all 18,000 villages where electricity is not there soon develop that infrastructure. He also lays importance on uninterrupted electricity in all houses.

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Now a students asks PM about how to be a good leader and contribute to politics.

He says that India has suffered because there is a notion that politics is a dirty word. PM says that it is important to have leadership quality and self belief.

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Now PM is interacting with students.

He says that Swami Vivekananda had a huge impact on his life. PM also says about how he was fond of spending time in the library.

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PM Modi says anyone can be teacher. It is not necessary that a great teacher has to have lot of degrees.

PM Modi says that teaching is not an ordinary profession. They are the unsung heroes of the country. He gives example of a doctor and says that everyone praises that guy but no one mentions the teacher who taught him.

PM Modi says that earlier there was no institutionalised practice of celebrating teacher’s day.

He says that India doesn’t want new age students to be like robot and hence creative pursuance is necessary.

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PM Modi underlines the importance of teachers in a student’s life. He says that a true teacher never retires and continue to impart wisdom to his students.

PM Modi says about how exceptional Dr. Radhakrishnan was as a teacher. PM Modi also recalls former President APJ Abdul Kalam who was a teacher by heart.

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PM Narendra Modi is now speaking.

He says mother and teacher have the greatest importance in someone’s life. PM reminisces how even simple words told by teachers become part of life.