Festive time for the Kolkata’s Sex workers

Image credit: The Guardian

Image credit: The Guardian

Kolkata, February 2, Rimo Bose: Addressing the Right to live event for the sex workers is will be celebrated in Kolkata for the next 6 days. The main focus of the festival will be on annealing the causes and broad view of the sex workers. This campaign cum festival even concentrates on the cessation of child trafficking.

The program is expected to be visited by thousands of the people of the same fraternity across fourteen states. The theme is “Protibade Nari, Protirodhe Nari” the event is being arranged by the chamber of sex community Durbar Mahila samanway Committee.

The celebration will heave movies related to this cause there will singing and dancing for the visitors, the venue is the Triangular Park which can afford to hold 3000 visitors per day.

Jana who is the functionary head of the committee said that there will be convocation on subjects like Right to education, information and food security act. Even it is being expressed that Love Verma the secretary of AID’s branch of Union government as well as the HIV project Avahan head’s Ganesh Ramakrishnan to make advancement on these mentioned sophisticated social issues.

Other well known activists who are anticipated to make their presence felt are Poornima Chickermane, Bezwada Wilson, Baba Adhav even the activists of RTI Amrita Johri And Venakatesh Nayak. The show that will run for six days is a awakening alarm for the society to stop being atrocious to the women and children to cause condemnation of violence that the women faces and to upheld the  liberty and privilege of sex workers.