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Accused seeking fresh application

Kolkata, February 2, Rimo Bose: The accused 3 people of the Kamduni case has gone for a re-phrasal of their application at City session court, Kolkata testifying that the order given by the CJM that is the Chief Judicial magistrate on 9th June of 2013 was devised. Phiroze Edulji proposed that it is amounting to the breaching of the law and legal workings, hence acknowledged several Supreme Court as well as High courts where the judges were harsh with the involved ones as well as the police.

The 3 accused were taken by hand cuffs June 9th of 2013 and were presented in front of CJM at the court of Barasat.  But it was asserted by Edulji that the accused were not advised that can seek lawyers neither they were recommended of legal compensation. Rather they were adjourned with the police.

Even the lawyer said that he finds the orders are manipulated after flipping through the files and papers of the case and then he came to the realization, and he took up the case when it was moved into the Barasat court by the high court of Calcutta.

The documents that are being produced by Edulji comprises some minute yet sophisticated details, that in the outset of the case it was hand written that the alleged ones are under the police, the request of the officer for investigation a custody of 10 days. Even the petitions of bails of the condemned ones were dismissed. Even the copy of the order that was passed was asked to be presented to the CJM.

The lawyer even implored for a complaint to be looked after by a high held magistrate.

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