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Dolly Bindra accuses Radhe Maa of sexual exploitation: Report

Controversial ‘godwoman’ Radhe Maa faces yet another another allegation by TV star Dolly Bindra, IBN Live reported. The actress told the news channel that she had been asked by the godwoman to have a “sexual relationship with a stranger”. The channel reported that Bindra has filed a complaint in a Mumbai police station, naming 20 people with the allegation.

Radhe Maa and Dolly Bindra

Bindra told the channel that such incidents were common in the godwoman’s satsang and that they had tried to exploit her. “Once, her son and her follower tried to molest me in front of her other followers” she told the channel.

Bindra had earlier written to the Mumbai Police Commissioner complaining that she was getting threatening calls. “I am getting life-threatening calls and I doubt on Radhe Maa, MM Gupta, and Asaram’s followers over it. I have filed a complaint and the police will investigate the matter,” Bindra had said to ANI.

Radhe Maa stirred controversy when pictures of her wearing a mini-skirt and videos of her dancing to Bollywood numbers surfaced online. The photos went viral and invited both outrage and ridicule on social media. The ‘godwoman’ has been accused of dowry harassment, abetting suicide and encouraging superstition. Complaints have been filed in each case.