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AAP also Plans its First Rally in Odisha

AAP rally

Odisha, February 2, Abhijit Saha: Soon after the national leaders finish their campaign rally in Odisha, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is also getting ready for a political rally in the state. The rally is likely to start on 13th February and will be addressed by senior leader of AAP Mr. Yogendra Yadav.

AAP has scheduled its rally on 13th February which is two days after the BJP’s rally because they wanted to know the position of the party in comparison with BJP as a substitute with the rung government said by AAP sources.

Mr. Nishikant Mohapatra, state conveyor for AAP said to some sources that they are arranging party cadres and volunteers from all the districts of Odisha and the location for the rally would be decided very soon.

Lingaraj, a renowned leader of Aam Aadmi Party having a strong support particularly among the farmers of western Odisha is responsible for arranging people from there. The AAP has already chosen credible candidates for MP from Bhubaneswar, Kendrapara, Sambalpur, Bargarh, Dhenkanal and Puri.

AAP was unwilling to fight assembly elections in the beginning. Mohapatra said that since the elections would be held concurrently, it would be a good idea to contest for the assembly as well. In about less than a month the numbers of members have increased from five thousand to more than two lacs.

Personnel from AAP said that AAP will take a decision on putting forward of its candidate for parliamentary and assembly seats after the rally gets over.

The party wants to find out the number of supporters during the rally before deciding on its electoral plan. Mr. Dhanada Mishra senior leader of AAP said that they want to know by themselves how people would react to their party in Odisha through this rally which will act as an indicator.

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