Bihar CM Nitish Kumar hits back at Modi; says PM is full of contempt

PM Modi on Tuesday came to poll bound Bihar for a whirlwind tour. He had a government programme in Arrah and later a party rally in Saharsa. In both the rallies Modi attacked the current government of the state. Living up to his past promise, PM Modi announced a combined package of Rs 1.65 lakh crores for Bihar.

In Arrah he inaugurated and laid foundation stone of 11-National Highway Projects of 700 kilometres length to be built at a cost 9,700 crore rupees in Bihar. Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari was accompanying him.

Although it was a government programme, PM didn’t spare Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and indirectly took jibe on him. PM made the big announcement of granting special package of Rs 1.25 lakh crores for Bihar. Also he said Rs 40 thousand crores from past packages haven’t been used. So in total PM announced a bounty of Rs 1.65 lakh crores for Bihar shortly before the elections in the poll bound state.

In Saharsa, Modi evoked the legacy of Jayprakash Narayan and without naming Nitish and Lalu, accused them of betraying the socialist leader. PM said that just for lust of power some people are now aligning with Congress, party responsible for JP’s death. He also cited the increasing crime rate in the state and said arrogance of some individuals are hurting the developmental agenda of Bihar.

Here are the highlights from his speech and the political reactions that followed.

18:08 PM
Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday made light of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement of a Rs 1.25 lakh crore package for poll-bound Bihar, saying he is in the habit of giving such promises for votes and feared it would go the One Rank One Pension way. The Congress Vice President also said that Modi has funds for Bihar package, but when it comes to ex-servicemen, he cites shortage of money. “He has money for foreign trips, but not for our jawans.”

“Modi spoke about package in Bihar. By making such promises, time is wasted. He speaks and people listen and then comes another promise. BJP and Modi ji think that the whole world lives in dreams. But the world works to earn their money and this is a joke that is happening. And they are thinking that the countrymen will not understand this. Give them 1.5 lakh crore rupees and they will be in agreement… That if they (people) are made promises of job, they will fall (for them),” Rahul Gandhi said at an interaction with locals.

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17:34 PM
Hitting back at PM Narendra Modi, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar held a press conference on Tuesday evening where he said that the Prime Minister is full of contempt.

“Prime Minister talks of cooperative federalism but does the exact opposite of it by insulting states. I am sometimes very surprised and wonder where the PM gets his facts from. The Prime Minister is full of contepmt. ”

PM Modi had announced 1.65 lakh crore package for poll-bound Bihar. Reacting to this, Nitish said, “The way he said Rs 50 crore, 60 crore..was it some sort of auction? Was he auctioning Bihar?”

“On the one hand he says I was a ‘yachak’ (somebody pleading) and on the other hand he accuses me of having arrogance. It’s very contradictory. I am willing to plead with the Centre for the cause of Bihar. He is the prime minister and can say whatever he wishes,” Nitish added.

Firing fresh salvo at the prime minister over his dig at him over Bihar’s ‘bimaru’ status, Kumar sought to know if all the states given special packages in the past were ‘bimaru’. “Instead of patting on the back of those who are doing good work, they are being mocked at,” he said, adding that Bihar has done well on all development parameters during his tenure.

14:49 PM
PM Modi says that he came to this region during last election also, but there is much greater excitement this time around.

He wraps up his speech by expressing hope that whenever the election dates are announced, BJP is fully capable of upsetting the ruling regime and forming government in the state.

14:48 PM
PM Modi says that many people used to say that he only talks but never lives up to his promise.

PM reminds that he has lived to his promise and says that the package granted by the centre will change the face of the state in the country.

Modi alleges that Bihar CM asks for grants but is unable to utilise the fund and huge amount is left unused. PM gives breakup about the unused fund and says total package is whooping Rs 1.65 crore rupees.

14:30 PM
PM Modi now quotes NCRB data to state that crime rate in Bihar is up and says that is a proof of Jungle raj currently prevailing in the state.

He says that nurturing good relationship with Nepal has helped the farmers of Kosi area.

14:29 PM
PM Modi now takes a indirect dig at Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. He says common people are getting hurt due to ego of certain individuals. Modi says that during flood in the Kosi region people of Gujarat pulled money to help them but the entire amount was sent back.

Modi rakes up the issue of Emergency and says Jayprakash Narayan was hassled by Congress party just for raising his voice.

PM Modi alleges that Congress party is responsible for death of JP, one of the tallest leader of Bihar and founder of socialist movement in the country.

He says that JD(U) and RJD tying up with Congress is a backstab to JP and his legacy. Modi says merely to grab power, some parties are sacrificing their key position.

14:12 PM
Now PM Modi is speaking in Saharsa. He says there is wind of change and that has even defeated the rain in the area!

Just a hour back Modi has announced massive aid for Bihar and he is expected to leverage that announcement in this pre election rally.

PM Modi plays rich tribute to people of the Kosi region where the rally is being held.

He also reminisces about the horrific flood which had hit the area some years back

14:02 PM
Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has now reacted to PM Modi’s announcement. He has tweeted saying that special assistance is the right of people of Bihar and it is not a favour.

He also said that if needed for people of Bihar, he would repeatedly ask centre for more funds.

Reacting to the developments, Lalu said that there is huge difference between special status and special grants. RJD leader claimed that Modi had promised granting Bihar special status 1.5 years ago.

12:44 PM
PM Modi says that money is unutilised from the past packages and says Rs 40,000 crore additionally will be used for development of the state.

So in total the aid amounts to Rs 1.65 lakh crore for the state

Modi says he will ensure that the entire fund is used properly.

This special package has been just announced before the Bihar Elections. In some times Modi will be announcing an election rally in Saharsa.

12:39 PM
PM Modi is all set to announce the special package for Bihar.

He has offered a package of 1.25 lakh crores for people of Bihar, to change the condition of people of the state.

12:31 PM

PM Modi says that packages in the past have been announced for Bihar, but the state has not managed to use it properly.

He says Nitish Kumar skipped the official function as he has politics to look into.

PM Modi says that he will keep his promise which he gave during Parliamentary elections.

12:28 PM
PM Modi says that resolving farmers’ issue would be top priority of his government. He also speaks about ensuring safety of women in the state.

Now PM Modi takes a dig at Nitish Kumar. He said that if Bihar was no longer a BIMARU state everyone would be happy. But then why is Nitish Kumar asking for funds repeatedly. Modi says for progress of India, the easter part of the country has to move forward.

12:14 PM
PM Modi is now speaking. He heaps lavish praise on Nitin Gadkari for being very proactive with his work. PM says that only today morning he came from Dubai and many were worried about this hurricane tour. But Modi days that since people of Bihar called him, he came to attend the programme.

He says that the new schemes will ensure progress of Bihar but structural rehaul is needed for a complete facelift.

PM Modi mentions to the crowd how UAE has promised huge investment to augment the Make in India project. PM Modi refers to his 15th August speech emphasising on ‘ Stand-up India’.

12:10 PM

Speaking at the programme, Nitin Gadkari said that the new Highway project will open new avenues of employment in Bihar. He also said the entire government is working untirelessly to fullfill the vision of Narendra Modi.