Have got complaints against Sonu Nigam, no FIR yet: Mumbai Police

Mumbai Police on Monday night said they have received written complaints against singer Sonu Nigam over his tweet about controversial godwoman Radhe Maa.

Nigam, in his tweet, had compared Radhe Maa to a Hindu goddess, said police. “Police received two applications against Nigam for his tweet regarding Radhe Ma a few days ago,” said deputy commissioner of police M Dahikar.

A complaint has been filed against singer Sonu Nigam at the Samta Nagar Police Station, Mumbai, by ​Ramesh Joshi, chairman of Dharma Rakshak Mahamanch for allegedly insulting Goddess Kali by comparing her to the self-styled godwoman Radhe Maa, ANI reported

Samtanagar and Sakinaka police stations received two applications against the singer, requesting police to file an FIR, for “hurting religious sentiments”. “Police haven’t filed any FIR against the singer yet,” Dahikar said.

Sonu Nigam called out the blatant sexism in the treatment meted out to Radhe Maa. He wrote on Twitter why there were different rules for men and women when it came to godwomen.

The singer tweeted: “Just my 2 pence. Kaali Maa is depicted in lesser clothes than Radhey Maa. Interesting that this country wants to sue a woman for her clothes. Wanna sue, sue the followers… Sue YOURSELVES.. For making them God men and women. Setting different rules for men and women, not fair. Men Saadhus can walk naked. Dance embarrassingly, but it takes a rape charge to put them behind bars. So much for Gender equality?”

With PTI inputs