Saudi man forgives son’s killer hours before impending execution

Mecca: A father chose to forgive his son’s killer just hours before he was to be executed, in Hafr al-Batin in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, news website Albawaba reported.

Baddah bin Rashid al-Sahli said he would forgive his son's killer for God's sake alone. (Twitter)
Baddah bin Rashid al-Sahli said he would forgive his son’s killer for God’s sake alone. (Twitter)

Four years ago, Baddah bin Rashid al-Sahli’s son was stabbed to death by Fahd bin Mashari al-Barazi after a quarrel they had. al-Barazi was sentenced to death for the act. Several efforts were made to spare the killer, including mediation and offering of blood money to the victim’s parents by the parents of the killer but nothing changed their mind, the report stated.

On the day of the execution, Wednesday, a group of men from a local mosque visited al-Sahli as a final attempt at mediation, asking him to forgive the killer. The father forgave the killer, sparing him from execution. He told the local media that he forgave the killer for the sake of God.

The report said that his act of compassion was recognised by the Eastern Province Governor, Prince Saud bin Naif who called up al-Sahli and commended him for his compassion and forgiveness. al-Sahli was also honoured by other citizens.