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Address corruption issue to resolve Parliament impasse: Congress

Put on the back foot for holding the government business and key bills to ransom, the main Opposition Congress on Sunday said it will end the stalemate in the Parliament, if the government comes forward to address the corruption issues. Congress appeals for a reconciliation to run Parliament at least for the last four days of the monsoon session “even after the wash-out of three weeks has come in a statement by Congress spokesman RPN Singh, a former union minister.


“The strategy of the Congress party in Parliament is very clear. There are issues that the BJP has to come forward and address. Corruption is one of the main issues that we are talking about. We had minister (Sushma Swaraj) speaking to a House where there was no opposition. And then she came up with a speech that was extremely hollow,” he said.

Responding, the parliamentary affairs minister M Venkaiah Naidu said the government was open to consider “meaningful suggestion” to resolve the deadlock in Parliament and get eight crucial bills passed in the ongoing monsoon session. But, RPN Singh said that besides issues, the approach of the union ministers, be it Arun Jaitley, Rajnath Singh or Naidu have compounded to the situation. He said Prime Minister Modi is in a permanent “maun vrat” also shows the government’s disinterest in running Parliament but getting its business passed in the Lok Sabha in the last four days after forcing the Opposition out because of suspension of 25 Congress MPs.

“It is the function of the government to run Parliament. They have to reach out to the opposition and work out a strategy. Some of our MPs were suspended who were not even in the House. So, what does this government want to do? Does it wants to follow the Gujarat role model where the current prime minister, who was the chief minister then the entire Opposition including the leader of the opposition used to be thrown out and the Bills used to be passed. That kind of democracy is not something that this country is ready for,” Singh said. He also made it clear that nobody from the government has approached the Congress with any offer to help run Parliament on the remaining four days.

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