Sonakshi Sinha Shows Off Her Tummy Flabs At Launch!

The Chirpy girl, Sonakshi Sinha was seen launching the Asus phone at their Asus Zenfest 2015 in Delhi on Thursday. She promoted the brand by taking a selfie with her fans and she tweeted, “Girls will be girls! #selfie with the @asusindia zenphone selfie!! #ZenFestival.”

Sonakshi Sinha looked quite bubbly in her apparel, though her stomach bulged out a bit. She wore a Veda Raheja maxi with Raabta ear studs and maybe the diagonal cutout design didn’t give her the pleasing look.

The Radha with her New Year resolution of promised to do the roles which proves her versatility more efficiently and she did that very successfully by being a judge in a reality show ‘Indian Idol Junior 2’ and by now launching the phone. She said “I made a New Year’s resolution that I am going to do very challenging roles. I think I have stuck to that resolution.”

Sticking to the resolution, Sonakshi would now be seen as a ‘martial fighter’ in the film ‘Akira’, which itself describes the tough time she has to deal with to justify the role. She has always been a sports lover and yet never learnt martial arts. She said “I had to train for the role and it was quite difficult…. Luckily, I used to play a lot of sports while growing up so it came naturally to me. I have never trained in martial arts, but I picked up quickly. I trained throughout the film and it was quite a physical experience.”

Must say, the Dabangg girl has easily impressed the audience with her roles and she made her career boom stupendously. Lootera actress Sonakshi will now be debuting as an underworld don-Haseena which would be a biopic titled, Haseena- The Queen of Mumbai. They are going to cover her 30-40 years in just one film, which is indeed interesting and yet tough too.
Sonakshi Sinha with her versatility would definitely make us go stunned and her movies are something worth watching and spending on.