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Watch: Online couple snap offline after seeing each other in reality

We truly live in times where bizarre things go viral and the latest video which is doing the rounds shows a Chinese couple from an unknown city which has crossed a million views. It’s often said that online DP of individuals often doesn’t resemble their real selves and two ‘internet friends’ found out the hard way. In the video, a man and a woman are heard shouting at one another because they feel like that their real-life appearance doesn’t match up to their digital versions.

Online Friends Fighting

According to an article in shanghaiist.com, the woman can be heard yelling: “I hit you, so what? Look at what you look like, and you’re pointing fingers at me!” The man then takes out his phone and actually shows it to onlookers asking if the lady in question looked like the person.

This led the woman to counter: “You (onlookers) be the judge. Isn’t this me? Isn’t this me?” The argument then gets physical which ends with the man pushing the woman to the ground. We guess this serves as a lesson for all those who believe all the things they see online.

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