I’d love to do a Kill Bill, says Kareena Kapoor

Fifteen years in the industry and Kareena Kapoor’s been there and done that. From a Refugee to a Bajrangi Bhaijaan, the actress has portrayed varied roles throughout. Still, ask her one genre she would love to do next and she instantly replies, “Action.” Why? “It has to be something that I can’t do because that’s more challenging, maybe,” Bebo answers.

Coax her a bit more and she explains, “I would love to do a Kill Bill, but I hate action. I wish I didn’t hate action and could do that kind of a film because Kill Bill is one of the best films ever made.” But she has reasons for feeling the same, she exerts. “I love Uma Thurman in it. But I don’t have the fluidity of her body. I can dance, but I can’t pull off those action moves. I wish I could,” Bebo rues.

What if her bestie Rohit Shetty offers her an action film? “He’s made me do some crazy things… so who knows! He might just ask me to do something. And I can’t say no to him,” she says. Rohit, you listening?