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One Sooraj supported me all my life, so I have decided to support this Sooraj: Salman Khan

That’s what Salman Khan had to say about launching the Pancholi lad

Aditya Pancholi, Salman explained that they have been friends for a long time. He spoke about the first time he met Aditya, he said, “Nirmal Pancholi, Aditya as he is fondly called, I have known him for the longest time. I did Campa Cola, he did Sprint. First time we met, I finished my ad film and he was shooting for a soft drink, I was shooting for a soft drink brand. We met at Sophia College and as soon as I walked in and saw him, I was like, ‘Arreh yaar, yeh height kahaan se lau main?’ Then he was selected for Stardust and from there, we have become friends. It has been a nice, short journey.”

Salman’s struggle
Both the newbie’s parents — be it Athiya’s dad Suniel Shetty or Sooraj’s dad Aditya Pancholi, have been really close to the superstar. Recalling his fond memories with Suniel, he told us, “I knew Anna even before I started my career. He’s a close part of me. He was trying to become an actor and I was to become the actor-write-producer-director everything at once (Laughs). I used to carry three portfolios when I was struggling. My pictures, Anna’s pictures and there’s this friend of mine who’s no more- Guri. We used to call him Sunny, he was a model. I used to show my portfolio pictures and ask, ‘Sir, main nahi chalunga?’ Then I used to show him one of their folios and say, ‘Yeh aapko kaisa lagta hai?’ I used to struggle with three portfolios. I remember the first day Suniel walked into our house and dad said, ‘Is ladke mein kuch baat hai’. I was looking at dad, and I was thinking (Laughs) – ‘Ghar mein ek ladka rehta hai, usme koi baat nahi dikhti aapko’.”

Tears and fears
It was an emotional affair. Salman introduced his two protégés to the media. Sooraj walked up, hugged his mentor and broke down. The newbie buried his face in his mentor’s shoulder and sobbed. Salman too got teary and brushed away his tears, just like Suniel Shetty, who admitted he had “huge butterflies in his stomach.” Meanwhile, Athiya was calm — like her mom — and superconfident. Salman pointed to her and said, “So this is my hero, and Sooraj is my heroine.” and she did a little bow and accepted the compliment. When asked why he was supporting the Pancholi lad, Salman said, “One Sooraj (Barjatya) supported me all my life, so I have decided to support this Sooraj.”

Suniel Connection
Khan shared that Suneil had given him a pair of spurs at a time he could not afford them. “When I was growing up, modelling and stuff, we used to have a lot of fascination towards boots. Suniel used to own a boutique called Mischieff, I went there to buy some spurs. I could not afford them because woh pure mahine ka kharcha tha mere liye. Suniel took me home and gave me his spurs because he had extra. In fact, a year ago I got them out again. They were at my farmhouse.”

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