Is it written on the Muslim face as thief?

Mumbai, 17 March-2014,Wasim Akram Tyagi: The recent incident that took place in Mumbai has once again brought into the dock the “Khakis”. In a country with parties of equal rights it is reasonable to question the police as they target the specific community.

Is it written on the Muslim face as thief?

Image credit: Shahzad Punwala,BBC

According to a report published on BBC [‘तुम चेहरे से जेबकतरे लगते हो..’] 80 people were targeted by the Mumbai police and taken them custody at around 1.30 AM(IST). They were interrogated for hours. When the Muslim community of from the same locality surrounded the police station after that, they were released. During this interrogation period we cannot imagine what kind of question the police was asking, this shows an absolutely nasty side of these communal police.

Constable/ Havaldar of the Mumbai Police

Constable/ Havaldar of the Mumbai Police (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rameez was among those Muslims whom these police personals carried to police station, He says that during interrogation they were saying that he looks like a thief. The question is “Is the occupation written on the faces of the thieves”. This is nothing new that we hear such kind of incidents about police, but it is very disgusting that instead of so many such incidents recurring, there is no action taken against them(culprit police officers).

During the 1993 riots, the action taken by the R.D. Tyagis team is not hidden by us. A police man told a social activist Azgar Ali engineer that if he removes his dresses, a Shiv sainik will emerge from inside, this is the original face of our Maharashtra police which easily can be understood. In the riots Maharashtra police played very vital role and the regret is that since past 14 years here Congress and Nationalist Congress are ruling the government.

This government always enrolls secularism, but the real fact is some thing else. Is it not true that RSS and Shivsena runs so many organizations that brain washes the youth and give police training. Mostly when these people are appointed on different post in police force, then in a hidden way or openly their fulfill the incidents which Shiv Sena, Bajrangdal or Communist would like to do.

In Maharashtra, during July 2008 in written form Quran was insulted in Digrs, which created communal tension, where police played a very disgusting role. It was heard that city SP said that “I’ve tought such a lesson to all the Muslims that till next ten years they won lift up they heads due to shame”, this sentence were said by SP in front of All India Secular Form’s member Suresh Khainar.

With this incident we can make out the behavior of the police as rude, communist and pre-planned it was. But it is estimated that if any Muslim member is involved in the police force than this kind of incidents can be controlled and it is also is proved as correct.

As far as we think the religious feeling is completely entered in the Indian system, even occupied their DNA. If the communalism is only between Hindus and Muslims then what name will be given for the indifference shown between the dalis and Adiwasis. What name will be given for the differences between the Marathi manush and Non Marathi manush? By the way in Kerala the Muslim population is 24.7 percentage and nearly half of the Muslims are working in police force that is 13 percentage, this is one of the strong reasons that Kerala is far way from the religious riots.

In this way, the Muslim population in Tamil Nadu is 5.46 percentage and among them .011 percent of them are in police force, even though this state did not escape from religious riots. There were so many riots that we can count them on our figure tips easily.

This is also true that in Maharashtra among 10.06 percentage of population 4.71 percent is police force and most of the region is influenced by the communalism. In Uttar Pradesh the Muslim population is 18.50 percentage but only among them 4.24 percentage of them are in police force and who doesn’t know that this place is very much influenced by the communalism. And even this is true that the population in Bihar is 16.53 and the among them only 5.4 percentage of them are in police force still they are nowhere involved in communal riots. But during some period they are also not getting influenced by these riots.

Well now the need is the purification of police force, the time is to follow the oath and bring it into the duty which they take while joining the police force. If this is not done then the incidence that took place in Maharashtra will spread all over the country. And Evil forces will get stronger and be successful.

Ediror’s Note: Wasim Akram Tyagi is a young and celebrity Journalist from Uttar Pradesh, India and he is working with  Muslim Today. We are not responsible for any comments or criticism and views expressed in the article, those are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publication.