Arvind Kejriwal Appeals for Donations, Says AAP Has No Money

NEW DELHI: Arvind Kejriwal, who is facing opposition attacks over his government’s 520 crore budget for self-publicity, has appealed for donations from the public.

Arvind Kejriwal Appeals for Donations, Says AAP Has No Money

The Delhi Chief Minister wants it for his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which, he says, has run out of money just months after its spectacular election victory in Delhi. All he asks for is Rs. 10 apiece.

“You would say I am a weird Chief Minister for asking for funds like this. You will say we made him Chief Minister, still he is asking for money. We can get money the wrong way but that is not who we are. Your 10 rupees will help us pursue honest politics,” Mr Kejriwal said in a television appeal.

“Since we came to power, our funds have dried up. Now we want funds to run our party and we want it from the public. You people funded us, we never had any money to fight polls, we never took any money secretly from big shots….Now after forming a government, whatever money we had is over. We need money to run the party, for day-to-day expenses,” he explained.

Stating that he was “indebted” to people for their help, Mr Kejriwal said he needs money for “day-to-day expenses.”

Over the years, Mr Kejriwal and his party have made fundraisers and online donations their USP. Last year, AAP claimed that appeals on social media help the party raise crores from India and abroad for its national election campaign.

The latest appeal comes as AAP faces criticism for splurging public money on ads to publicize its work. The 70-second ad has Mr Kejriwal informing people that his government has hiked the budget for education and health and wants to spend money on people’s welfare.