Now, Kabir Khan wants to make a biopic

Biopics are the flavour of the season and director Kabir Khan who has two releases Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Phantom this year is not averse to making one. “I love biopics and if something interesting comes up I will definitely go for it. I love drawing from history — contemporary history. Biopic by definition means extracting from reality. Hollywood has done it brilliantly — Drawing from their contemporary history and making great stories.

We have a richness of stories and people. We don’t do enough of it. It will be great to recreate someone’s life and times,” says Kabir, who has been toying with the idea for sometime but hasn’t zeroed in on the subject. “One has to do a lot of research and know if the subject lends itself to good screenplay,” he reasons.

Ask him which biopic in recent times has impressed him and he says, “In Hollywood films there are many to count, but in Hindi Paan Singh Tomar really impressed me. The film has captured the times, the man’s life brilliantly. It worked at all levels for me.”