Sania: Hope Wimbledon win inspires other girls

London(PTI): Sania Mirza is hoping that her Wimbledon women’s doubles title will inspire many more girls in the country to aim big in life.

Sania Mirza.

“There is this thing about being an inspiration for others but obviously I am not thinking about all that. I play and I want to win because that’s what you play for. But I hope it inspires other girls to win,” Sania said.

“For a match like this, the No.1 and No.2 seeds playing, it was the best match you could have asked for the tournament. It was unbelievably exciting. It was exciting to play. I really hope it was exciting to watch, too,” Sania said.

“Even when we were down, we knew we were giving everything we had on the court. These are the moments we worked years and years and all our lives for. This is what we play for. We feel really honoured to have won that match really,” she added.

“We had chances every game. I don’t know why, we both believed. Even at 2-5, we didn’t feel like we were down and out of the match. It was about one break, and it really was,” Sania said.

“All we said to each other was, ‘Make them win the match.

Let them win the match,’ not for us to lose the match, which means we had to put the ball inside the court, do the right things. If they still come out, serving unbelievable the whole match, we knew that at some point hopefully it was going to come down. If it didn’t, you say, ‘Too good,’ shake hands,” she added.