AAP slams Centre for arrest of its MLA Manoj Kumar

Delhi(PTI): The AAP on Thursday slammed the Centre over the arrest of its MLA Manoj Kumar and said the Delhi police was being used by the BJP as a “political weapon” and the party is prepared to face the challenge. Attacking the BJP, the party said there have been so many deaths in the Vyapam scam and still there has been no arrest whereas the police is showing promptness in arresting AAP leaders.

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“The case pertains to February 2014. Since then there has been no investigation, no summons. This is nothing but vindictiveness. The police is being used as a political weapon against us and we are ready for it,” said AAP spokesperson Deepak Bajpai. Incidentally, he is the second AAP MLA to be arrested by the Delhi Police after Law Minister Jitendra Tomar, who was arrested in an alleged fake degree case. Following his arrest, the party cried foul and alleged vindictivness by the BJP, amidst the power tussle between the Centre and the Delhi government. “AAP leaders and MLAs are waiting to know when will they be arrested at Narendra Modi’s behest.

दिल्ली में हज़ारों FIR पेंडिंग है।आज तक मोदीपुलिस ने कोई कार्यवाही नही की लेकिन 2014 के FIR पर MLA मनोज को आज गिरफ्तार किया गुजरात फार्मूला

If it is 2014 case (referring to Manoj Kumar’s case) and most of the time if the case pertains to land and money, usually the police asks people to approach the civil court. In this case, the police has shown promptness, but it failed to show the same in the Vyapam case where many influential people are involved,” senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh said. “The Delhi Police is being misused and abused by the present government at the Centre. If it is used against the Congress and the BJP majority of them will land in jail,” AAP MLA Somnath Bharti said.