Last 25 years of Bollywood movie controversy with social abuse

Mumbai: Sunny Deol has found himself in troubled waters after a Bihar court has registered a case against the actor and the other people involved in the making of the film. The film contains a lot of abuses and is accused of hurting religious sentiments, as there is a scene when a person dressed as Lord Shiva swears blatantly.

This is not the first time a Hindi movie has courted controversy with it characters mouthing unparliamentary language. While offensive gaalis are now a part and parcel of our normal life, hearing them on screen is still not something our society has come to accept…yet. Let’s look at ten films which made Censor Board work overtime to fix their dialogues…

Sunny Deol may have killed a thousand goons in his career, but he has never uttered cuss words (not the saala, kameena types…in any of his films. However, all that’s going to change if this movie ever releases!

1. Bandit Queen

Shekhar Kapur brutal biography of India’s most notorious dacoit has a few unwatchable scenes of gang-rape, violence and lots of abuses!

2. Satya

RGV’s best film ever has Mumbai underworld as its subject, and our dons don’t maintain etiquette in language!

3. LOC Kargil

It’s a war film, therefore tempers will be high among the soldiers. JP Dutta must be lauded for making the film as realistic as possible, and that included the swear words the soldiers throw at each other!

4. Delhi Belly

The promotional song of the film has lyrics like Bhaag DK Bose DK Bose…so you know how the movie will turn out. It has an eclectic mix of English as well as Hindi swear words, so there’s something for everyone!

5. Ishqiya

The critically acclaimed Abhishek Chaubey film had Vidya Balan devise a new chemical gaali in choo*um sulphate!

6. Gangs Of Wasseypur

It’s an Anurag Kashyap saga based in UP hinterlands, where no one gives a damn about swach baasha! And there is a sequel too, so a lot more gaalis to fit in!

7. Jannat

The inclusion of Jannat 2 over many other contenders in this list, is that no one had any clue that the movie will contain so many abuses, especially the dialogues delivered by Randeep Hooda!

8. No One Killed Jessica

Before Mardaani, Rani Mukerji let loose the choicest profanities in No One Killed Jessica that were beeped in the trailer.