Alia Bhatt: No TV in my living room says in exclusive interview

Mumbai, Bryan Durham: Alia Bhatt’s a keenly watched and followed Bollywood actress, who’s playing her cards very well. She’s always well turned out, she’s very good with the press and the photographers, and fans lap up anything about her. It’s a little curious to see this kind of celebrity come to someone barely a few films old, but there’s no denying she knows what she’s doing and is making all the right moves at the right time.

She, along with mentor and friend Karan Johar, were recently announced as co-curators of content for an upcoming English GEC, Colors Infinity. As something of a sceptic, one was pleasantly surprised to find her honest, prompt, decisive and not shying away from any question thrown her way…

What kind of show would interest you enough to work on television?
Something in the dark comedy space. Comedies are a difficult to be part of, but dark comedies are intriguing and edge-of-the-seat at the same time, but not that much that you’re bogged down by the stress of it. Definitely, something in the Orange Is The New Black space.

You’re co-curator along with Karan Johar,who’s also doing two shows for Colors. Are you here at his recommendation?
I’d like to believe the channel has a mind of its own. That they didn’t appoint me because of a recommendation.

What are you bringing to the table?
It’s a big responsibility. I bring the channel nothing technical and I don’t know that much about television. But I’m a representative of the youth. And possibly the youngest actor in the industry. I think I’m a reference point. I think they assume the youth will like what I like. As a curator, they’re looking at the creativity I can bring. What we can bring in terms of international content. Like reality television for example. I’ll be like, let’s do something like Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Or let’s include something like Impractical Jokers. It’s up to them to accept it or not. Like sci-fi shows are big with the youth, so I said, let’s put in The Flash.

What got you hooked to the concept?
The idea of having a variety of televison shows. It’s a huge medium, we know that. Our lives always revolve around Indian TV so much, we’ve lost out on international content. As actors from the film industry, we also have to be aware of television. I particularly like the variety of content and that they’ll be airing news shows, three episodes back-to-back. Not too much, put something you can pace out, like a good book, consume how much you want to. I think we’re calling it essential viewing and not binge-watching.

In your house, where’s the TV?
Bedroom. Living room has no television. You have to sit there and talk.


3 shows you grew up loving
Tom & Jerry definitely. And since I’m a cat lover, I was always on Tom’s side, FRIENDS and Bigg Boss. I love Bigg Boss

3 shows you’re hooked on to right now
Orange Is The New Black, The Royals, The Big C

Guilty pleasure show
Definitely has to be FRIENDS

One show you can’t stand.
I don’t watch anything I can’t stand