Minissha Lamba to have a lavish reception party soon!

The honeymoon is on hold for the ex-Bigg Boss 8 contestant Minissha Lamba, who got married three days ago, as she has plans to host her wedding reception in an extravagant way! Tough, her marriage was a low-key afair. The actress talks about it…

Love blossoms
I just want to say that I felt as if I found a partner who’s perfect for me. You know it is great because within two months of meeting him, I knew that this is it for me. We have been together for about two years. We met at his night club once and then a couple of times here and there, but it took a while for us to get cracking. We both decided that we didn’t want a long engagement and it was just a matter of setting the date.

Big celebration
I am a pretty private person and wedding was something we needed to do right now, before a particular date actually, so that was a constraint. I think we’re gonna have a big celebration this year only. And we will celebrate it with everyone we know, who have been a part of our lives for the past few years. We did have a wedding party at home. It was just family and friends who are like family. So we just took the wedding back home to celebrate with the people in our lives.

Small wedding
I wanted a wedding like this where I as the bride am comfortable. I was smiling all day, walking around, meeting everybody. I was not wearing heavy jewellery and clothes that keep me stationery at one place, because I always believed that a bride needs to enjoy her day, be comfortable with what she is wearing and not have ten thousand pins in her hair!

Meet the parents
My parents and Ryan’s parents both have allowed their children to be very independent which we have really thanked them for. They both come from a school of thought that their children make their own decisions, choose their partners and get married in the way they want to with the parents’ blessings.

Work front
Work front is going a bit slow right now. I am looking forward to doing interesting character roles and films, roles that are character-driven and plot driven. Here’s to hopefully my marriage bringing me more luck in life! I have no problems doing television at all, so let’s see what comes up. As an actor I still have another five-six years to work so be it television or films, anything works for me.