Delhi’s statehood issue needs to be discussed in parliament: CPI

New Delhi(PTI): Referring to AAP’s demand for a referendum on the issue of statehood for Delhi, the CPI on Monday said it is a larger political issue which needs to be discussed on the floor of House.

“It (AAP’s demand) is not an issue because Delhi has been demanding full statehood in the same way of Puducherry, another union territory (has been). Puducherry, which has an elected assembly, is also demanding full statehood.

“These are all certain larger political issues which need to be discussed inside Parliament within political parties. We should try to evolve some consensus,” CPI national secretary D Raja told reporters.

The AAP government wants a referendum on the issue of statehood for Delhi and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has sent a note to various departments asking them to “draft a law and create machinery for” such a practice.

According to a senior officer, Kejriwal had recently discussed the referendum plan with his cabinet colleagues. The note from the Chief Minister said, “Do a referendum in Delhi. Draft a law and create machinery for referendum”.