Indian government rejected Dawood Ibrahim’s proposal to return to India: Chhota Shakeel

Mumbai(dna): The Indian government rejected a proposal by Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakeel to return to India in 1993 after the Mumbai serial blasts, according to a prominent English daily. Now, neither of them are inclined to return.

“When we wanted to come back after 1993, you people, your government didn’t allow. Bhai had himself spoken that time to Ram Jethmalani, that too in London… baat ho gayi thi… But your ministry… that Advani played the game,” Shakeel told the newspaper on Friday.

Shakeel also spoke about issues like Dawood’s recent alleged attack on Chhota Rajan.

But Shakeel rubbished reports that Indian agencies had sought to kill Dawood in September last year, and had hatched a plan.

Who tells you all this? I have no idea. Ask what I will answer, not what I won’t. These are fancies which will never turn true. (Sawal woh karo jiska jawab mai doon aapko, woh na karo jiska jawab nahin doon. Aaj tak jitni bhi aisi information aayi hai… agencies bhi jaanti hai, khayaali pulao hai, sapne dekhte hain, inka sapna kabhi poora nahi hoga).” he said.

Shakeel alleged ‘discrimination between gangs’ by Indian agencies, retorting that they never tried to bring back Chhota Rajan to India. He laughed off India’s repeated assertations that they would bring Dawood or himself back to India to face the law.

Shakeel confirmed that he, with help from precise information from a defector in the Rajan gang, had reached Newcastle in Australia to eliminate his rival. “He ran away like a mouse,” Shakeel said. He claimed that not one but three key members of Rajan’s group had crossed over to his side because of their confidence that they would be taken care of. “I look after even the family of Rajan’s aides who had been killed by members of D-Company,” Shakeel said.

He also claimed that he had not ‘killed anyone in Mumbai for the last 5-6 years’, and that it was Rajan who had ‘killed many Hindus’. “Rajan brings shooters from UP and gets people killed in our name. I want to continue my business. I invest money and take it back”, he concluded.

Input from DNA