Actor Alok Nath: ‘B**** tweet was an emotional response

Ever since Alok Nath tweet calling a social activist a ‘b**’ for questioning the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s selfie campaign featuring fathers and daughters, Alok has been getting much flak.

Speaking on his offensive tweet Alok says, “It was spur-of-the moment. I was very upset when the lady called our prime minister a ‘stalker’. She had no business to be so crass and disrespectful to a man who holds the highest office in the land. According to me the idea of fathers posting selfies with daughters was just so fabulous. Why spoil it with negativity?”

Alok says the ‘bitch’ comment was an emotional response. “I reacted as a huge fan of Narendra Modi and as the father of a daughter who had just posted a picture at the PM’s request. When I read this lady’s ‘stalker’ comment, I was shocked and disgusted. I reacted emotionally. I shouldn’t have used such strong and harsh words. I immediately regretted my impulsive response and deleted the tweet. But it was too late.”

Alok says he is more amused than honoured by the sanskari image audiences have given him. “It prohibits me from crossing the line most of the time.

Commenting on the unlimited freedom on Twitter to have one’s say, Alok says, “There are those with a name and face on Twitter. They become easy targets for the nameless, faceless folk out there.”